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Police Week Candlelight Vigil

May 17, 2022

OJP Commemorates National Police Week

PDAAG Amy Solomon joins DOJ and Administration officials in honoring our nation’s law enforcement officers.  Read her blog.



Photo of John Bae
John Bae

April 21, 2022

Introducing Second Chance Fellows John Bae and Angel Sanchez

John Bae and Angel Sanchez join OJP as Second Chance Fellows, part of the BJA Visiting Fellows Program.  Their invaluable perspectives will help inform the critical work we are engaged in at BJA and across OJP.

Photo of Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez







Collage of images from Child Victims and Witnesses Support Materials

January 31, 2022

Centering the Voices of Youth in Anti-Trafficking Efforts

The Office for Victims of Crime is committed to listening to and learning from youth with lived experience in anti-trafficking efforts.  Read the blog by OVC Director Kristina Rose.



Date Created: January 31, 2022