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Blog Page Denise ODonnell

October 27, 2014

Countering Opioid Overdoses

Every day over 100 Americans die from drug overdoses, outnumbering deaths from firearms or automobile crashes.  More than half of these deaths involve opioids and prescription pain relievers.  The Law Enforcement Naloxone Toolkit and website is a one-stop clearinghouse of resources on naloxone.



Blog Page Mason NLS

October 14, 2014

Safe and Supportive Schools

We'd all agree that acting out in school is disrespectful and disruptive, but should minor infractions like tardiness or dress code violations earn a student suspension or expulsion?  Thanks to zero-tolerance disciplinary policies, that's exactly what happens.  Even more troubling, this may lead to academic failure or involvement in the juvenile justice system.



Blog Page Karol Mason AAG

September 16, 2014

Learning from Error in the Criminal Justice System

I am pleased to announce the release of a new publication from OJP's National Institute of Justice, Mending Justice:  Sentinel Event Reviews, a report that breaks new ground on ways to strengthen the criminal justice system and avoid costly errors.

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