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Session 1

Setting the Course to Successfully Manage Your Grant Award

This opening session covers an array of pre-award topics to help grantees successfully manage their grant award. The Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OCFO) will share brief presentations on OJP, the federal budget process, and federal laws and regulations (2 CFR). This session also highlights the essentials of good financial and budget analysis to ensure all costs are necessary, reasonable, allowable, and allocable. 


Live Session Learning Objectives

  • Gain basic understanding of OJP, the federal budget process, and the essential laws and regulations outlined in 2 CFR that pertain to the early phases of the grant cycle
  • Learn to apply cost principles across different budget categories
  • Learn how to access various training and technical assistance (TTA) materials developed by OJP TFSC to help grantees effectively manage their grant award

Learning Resources

Additional Sessions