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Session 4

Successfully Managing Your Grant Award Through Implementing Procurement Standards; Managing Subawards and Sub-Recipients

This session will focus on two important financial grants management topics. First, attendees will learn the reporting requirements pertaining to the SF-425 Federal Financial Report (FFR). Attendees will also learn that a timely and accurate report is more than just a function of compliance. Timely and accurate reporting also demonstrates accountability; builds a history of performance; increases trust and good will; and shows your ability to effectively implement the grant and do what you proposed to do. Attendees will have the opportunity to complete an FFR exercise assignment prior to the session, which will then be reviewed and discussed as a learning activity.

Next, this session will explore a grantee’s primary responsibilities in preventing the misuse of award funds, so they can effectively manage their grant award and use the funds as they were intended. Every dollar you receive as a grantee must be supported by sufficient evidence that the expense is allowable, allocable, and reasonable. OJP TFSC will share a  brief presentation on the measures your agency can take to prevent or reduce the risks of fraud, waste, and abuse. After this presentation, attendees will participate in a break-out discussion session.

Prior to the session, attendees will have access to training and learning materials focusing on related financial management topics.

After participating in the session and reviewing the training materials, attendees will complete a Knowledge Check to assess learning.


Live Session Learning Objectives

  • Learn the reporting requirements pertaining to SF-425 and what happens when SF-425 is delinquent.
  • Learn how to access the FFR and when and how to submit these reports.
  • Identify specific measures and strategies to help deter fraud, waste, and abuse.

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