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Session 3

Successfully Managing Your Grant Award Through Understanding Classifications, Standards, and Types of Costs; and Preventing Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

One of most challenging areas of financial management identified by grantees is procurement of goods and services needed to achieve your program goals and mission. This session will help you conduct procurement transactions that are in full compliance with general procurement standards. Attendees will learn about the selection process for acquiring needed goods and services, preparation of a sole source justification, and maintenance of documentation of all procurement proceedings.

This session will also highlight the essentials of ongoing financial and budget analysis. OCFO will provide a quick recap on how to revise an award budget and what DOJ grant managers examine when reviewing a revised grant award budget. OJP TFSC will then review and discuss a budget analysis exercise that attendees will complete prior to the webinar. This exercise will focus on how to compare and analyze your budget vs. actual expenditures and what to do when they do not line up.

Prior to the session, attendees will have access to training and learning materials focusing on related financial management topics, including conference cost and progress reporting.

After participating in the session and reviewing the training materials, attendees will complete a Knowledge Check to assess learning.


Live Session Learning Objectives

  • Gain understanding of general procurement standards, including the do's and don'ts of contracting.
  • Learn the necessary and required documentation of all procurement proceedings.
  • Learn how to compare and analyze budget vs. actual expenditures and what to do when these do not line up.

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