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Session 5

Finishing Strong—How to Closeout Your Grant Award Through Financial Reporting, Financial Reconciliation and Drawdowns

This session will highlight the essential components for managing your sub-awards, including implementation of policies and procedures on sub-recipient budgeting, spending, and record retention. Attendees will also receive updated information regarding the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) of 2006, which requires full disclosure of all entities and organizations receiving federal funds, including grants, contracts, loans, and other assistance and payments.

Grantees will learn how to navigate USASpending.gov, which is the single, searchable website mandated by FFATA and includes posted information on OJP awards, as well as certain information on sub-awards made under OJP awards.

After a presentation by OCFO on managing  sub-awards, attendees will engage in a break-out discussion focused on sub-recipient monitoring. Next, attendees will learn about FFATA and then engage in a learning activity facilitated by OJP TFSC.

Prior to the session, attendees will have access to training and learning materials focusing on financial management topics, conference costs, and financial monitoring (e.g., desk reviews and site).

After participating in the session and reviewing the training materials, attendees will complete a Knowledge Check to assess learning.


Live Session Learning Objectives

  • Identify key areas to closely monitor with sub-recipients, including budgeting, spending, and record retention.
  • Learn to develop and implement key policies and procedures to ensure proper spending of funds and ensure overall compliance and performance of sub-recipients.
  • Gain overview of FFATA, updates regarding sub-awards, and how to navigate the USASpending.gov website.

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