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Archived Solicitations Fiscal Years

Fiscal Year 2006

2007 National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW) Resource Guide02/23/2006OVC
AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program02/28/2006OJJDP
Biometric Technologies11/02/2006NIJ
Biometric Technologies11/25/2005NIJ
Body Armor for Law Enforcement and Corrections11/17/2006NIJ
Building Community Capacity to Reduce the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth03/21/2006OJJDP
Carryover from FY 2005 Programs04/17/2006OJJDP
Census of Publicly Funded Forensic Crime Laboratories11/14/2005BJS
Census of State and Local Enforcement Training Academies01/24/2006BJS
Child Protection Division Continuation Program03/15/2006OJJDP
Children’s Justice Act Partnerships for Indian Communities03/01/2006OVC
Communications Technology11/27/2006NIJ
Communications Technology11/23/2005NIJ
Congressional Earmark Program04/17/2006OJJDP
Corrections Technology11/25/2005NIJ
Data Resources Program 2005: Funding for the Analysis of Existing Data11/15/2005NIJ
Data Resources Program 2006: Funding for the Analysis of Existing Data09/14/2006NIJ
Demonstration Programs Division Continuations04/17/2006OJJDP
Developing and Enhancing Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs12/15/2005BJA
Electronic Crime and Digital Evidence Recovery Technology11/16/2006NIJ
Electronic Crime Research and Development11/25/2005NIJ
Enforcing the Underage Drinking Laws Discretionary Program: Initiative to Reduce Underage Drinking04/17/2006OJJDP
Enforcing the Underage Drinking Laws Block Grant Program01/31/2006OJJDP
Enhanced Tools for Improvised Explosive Device (IED) and Vehicle Borne IED Defeat11/22/2005NIJ
Evaluation of Mentoring Initiative for System Involved Youth04/17/2006OJJDP
Evaluation of OJJDP’s Sexual Exploitation of Children Demonstration Program–Atlanta/Fulton County11/30/2005OJJDP
Evaluation of Technologies03/07/2006NIJ
Field-Initiated Demonstration Program05/01/2006OJJDP
Field-Initiated Research and Evaluation Program06/19/2006OJJDP
Forensic DNA Research and Development10/30/2006NIJ
Forensic DNA Research and Development11/25/2005NIJ
Forensic Science Research Targeting Forensic Engineering, Forensic Pathology, Odontology, Trace Evidence, Controlled Substances, and Questioned Documents11/08/2005NIJ
Forensic Toxicology Research and Development11/22/2005NIJ
Formula Grants Program03/30/2006OJJDP
Gang Resistance Education and Training (G.R.E.A.T.) Program12/14/2006BJA
Geospatial Technology11/13/2006NIJ
Graduate Research Fellowship11/28/2006NIJ
Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program12/19/2006BJA
Indian Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program01/12/2006BJA
Information-Led Policing Research, Technology Development, Testing, and Evaluation11/24/2006NIJ
Information-led Policing Research, Technology Development, Testing and Evaluation11/23/2005NIJ
Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Southern Texas02/28/2006OJJDP
Internet Crimes Against Children Training and Technical Assistance Program02/28/2006OJJDP
Internet Crimes Against Children Program01/30/2006OJJDP
Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Program12/12/2006BJA
Justice Responses to Intimate Partner Violence01/17/2006NIJ
Juvenile Accountability Block Grants Program02/28/2006OJJDP
Less Lethal Technologies11/20/2006NIJ
Less-lethal Technology Research and Development11/22/2005NIJ
Mental Health Courts Assistance Program02/02/2006BJA
Mentoring Initiative for System Involved Youth04/17/2006OJJDP
Missing and Exploited Children Training and Technical Assistance Program02/28/2006OJJDP
Modeling and Simulation Applied to Training Technologies for Public Safety12/19/2006NIJ
Modeling and Simulation Research and Development: Software for Improved Operations, Operational Modeling, Speech-to-Text Recognition, and Training Technologies11/22/2005NIJ
National Criminal History Improvement Program04/14/2006BJS
Officer Safety Equipment11/25/2005NIJ
Outcome Evaluations of Violence Prevention Programs02/24/2006NIJ
Paul Coverdell Forensic Science Improvement Grant Program05/16/2006NIJ
Postconviction DNA Testing Assistance Program11/16/2006NIJ
Process and Outcome Evaluation of G.R.E.A.T.04/25/2006NIJ
Public Awareness in Underserved Communities03/21/2006OVC
Public Safety Interventions02/15/2006NIJ
Pursuit Management Technologies11/22/2005NIJ
Research and Development in the Forensic Analysis of Fire and Arson Evidence11/13/2006NIJ
Research on Sexual Violence and Violent Behavior in Corrections01/19/2006NIJ
Research on the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Youth03/21/2006OJJDP
Research and Development on Crime Scene Tools, Techniques, and Technologies11/20/2006NIJ
Research and Development on Crime Scene Tools, Techniques, and Technologies11/29/2005NIJ
Research and Development on Impression Evidence11/20/2006NIJ
Research and Development on Impression Evidence11/29/2005NIJ
Research and Evaluation in Community Corrections: A Multi-jurisdictional Study of Reduced Caseload and Related Case Supervision Strategies in Managing Medium- and High-Risk Offenders02/09/2006NIJ
Research and Evaluation on the Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Elderly Individuals, Older Women, and Residents of Residential Care Facilities06/06/2006NIJ
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment for State Prisoners Program01/19/2006BJA
Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) for State Prisoners Program12/13/2006BJA
Resource Guide for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week07/14/2006OVC
School Safety11/25/2005NIJ
Sensors & Surveillance11/25/2005NIJ
Sensors and Surveillance Technologies10/30/2006NIJ
Serious and Violent Offender Reentry Initiative01/26/2006BJA
Sex Offender Management Discretionary Grant Program12/29/2005BJA
Sexual Violence from Adolescence to Late Adulthood: Research, Evaluation, and the Criminal Justice Response01/10/2006NIJ
Social Science Research on Terrorism05/10/2006NIJ
Social Science Research on the Role and Impact of Forensic Evidence on the Criminal Justice Process06/20/2006NIJ
State Relations and Assistance Division Continuation Programs04/28/2006OJJDP
State Court Processing Statistics03/21/2006BJS
State Justice Statistics (SJS) Program06/15/2006BJS
State Victim Assistance Academy Initiative05/11/2006OVC
Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification Program12/21/2006BJA
Study of Administration of Justice in Indian Country01/18/2006NIJ
Survey of Law Enforcement Gang Units05/29/2006BJS
Title V Incentive Grants for Local Delinquency Prevention Programs04/7/2006OJJDP
Trafficking Task Forces and Victim Services04/25/2006OVC
Training and Technical Assistance Program for Mentoring Initiative System Involved Youth04/17/2006OJJDP
Training and Technical Assistance for Children’s Justice Grantees03/1/2006OVC
Training and Technical Assistance to Tribal Victim Assistance Grantees03/15/2006OVC
Transnational Crime01/10/2006NIJ
Tribal Courts Assistance Program12/19/2006BJA
Tribal Juvenile Accountability Discretionary Grant Program04/4/2006OJJDP
Tribal Courts Assistance Program01/12/2006BJA
Tribal Criminal History Record Improvement Pilot Program06/15/2006BJS
Tribal Victim Assistance Discretionary Grant Program03/15/2006OVC
Tribal Youth Program03/15/2006OJJDP
W.E.B. DuBois Fellowship Program02/01/2006NIJ
Weed and Seed Program Guide: Continuation Sites04/27/2006CCDO
Weed and Seed Program Guide: New Sites05/11/2006CCDO


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