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2022 Missing American Indian and Alaska Native Persons: Age 21 and Under

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May 2023
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The data entries are incidents of a person going missing, not the number of people who went missing. If a person goes missing more than once in a year, they could be entered into FBI's National Crime Information Center (NCIC) multiple times. Data on adults may not capture all reports of missing adults (18 and above). While law enforcement agencies are required to submit incidents of missing persons under age 21 to the NCIC Missing Person file, there is not a similar requirement for adults. Records are created from NCIC entries, one record per individual. A record is closed when an individual is found or returns home, or law enforcement determines the record was invalid. The end-of-year active record count is the total number of American Indian and Alaska Native missing persons in the NCIC Missing Person File at the end of a year, regardless of when the information was entered. 

Date Published: May 1, 2023