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Find School Safety Programs on CrimeSolutions

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October 2016
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This video and accompanying transcript consist of a description of school safety programs on Crimesolutions.gov, as explained by Stephanie Gerstenblith, research scientist with Development Services Group.


Crimesolutions.gov is a website that serves as a clearinghouse of programs and practices that are available to anyone interested in addressing various public safety threats. Users may include schools, social service agencies, or criminal justice agencies. Individual users of the website can either do a search for a specific program or conduct a general search of the list of available programs that address particular security concerns. They can search under topic areas such as school-based programs and further narrow the search to programs that address specific threats. Currently, there are 30 safety programs on the website. Five of these programs are rated as effective;17 are rated as promising and 8 are rated as having no effects. There are six practices related to school safety. Researchers interested in program evaluation can identify promising programs that have yet to be subjected to rigorous scientific testing to determine their effectiveness.

Date Published: October 1, 2016