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On-Line Education, Resources and Support for Law Enforcement Families, Final Report

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90 pages
Because stress reduction is an important focus of many police department programs and federally-funded initiatives, this study hypothesized that an on-line curriculum designed for rookie police officers, veteran spouses, and children would provide additional support and increase the resilience of police officers and their families.
An effort was made to develop and maintain a web site that would serve as an educational tool, a resource center, and a support network for police families worldwide. A needs and assets survey was designed to identify risk and protective factors associated with resiliency in police families, specifically factors that would protect families from work-related stress. An on-line curriculum was devised for families and children that included such topics as alcohol use, conflict resolution, and risk factors. Police families helped develop the variety of topics and activities themselves in collaboration with computer specialists and mental health professionals. The web site improved access to family support services and provided much needed information for police families. In addition, the web site improved referral options and reduced the isolation frequently experienced by police families. The needs and assets survey form is included. 3 references, 3 tables, and 12 graphs

Date Published: January 1, 2001