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Victims of Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, Elder Abuse, Rape, Robbery, Assault, and Violent Death: A Manual for Clergy and Congregations (Special Edition for Military Chaplains)

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283 pages
This manual is intended to assist military chaplains, other clergy, lay leaders, and religious counselors of all faiths in understanding and addressing the issues confronting the victims of domestic assault and other violent crime.
Individual sections focus on child abuse and neglect, abuse of spouses and partners, abuse of the elderly, sexual assault, robbery, assault, burglary, homicide, and death as a result of drunk driving. Each section includes suggestions for positive clergy and congregational responses. Clergy are advised to recognize and address the needs of crime victims and develop both seminary and inservice training on the criminal justice system, the needs of victims, and ways to restore victim spiritual and material health. Guidelines for a training event are provided and include a training agenda, a suggested daily schedule, and overviews of the importance of the role of the clergy and the faith perspective. Handouts, figures, checklists, Department of Defense Directive, Federal Crime Victims Bill of Rights, and lists of resources and publications

Date Published: January 1, 2001