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California Gang Violence Suppression Program: Program Guidelines Multi-Component Group Model

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53 pages
California's Gang Violence Suppression (GVS) Program is intended to help local communities deal more effectively with youth gang violence and the increasing exposure of youth to illegal drugs, and the GVS multicomponent group model is described.
The program provides grant funding to district attorney's offices, law enforcement agencies, and probation departments to identify, prosecute, and remove from the community perpetrators of violent gang activities. It also provides funds to school districts and community-based organizations to prevent and reduce gang-related violence and drug abuse. The multicomponent group model requires that all GVS program components work together to address gang and drug problems in a single target area. These components include law enforcement, prosecution, probation, prevention, and education. Objectives and related activities are identified for each component. Funding guidelines and administrative requirements associated with GVS-funded projects are described. An appendix contains provisions of California's Penal Code that apply to GVS, an illustration of the multicomponent group model, and definitions of vertical prosecution.