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Child abuse

JUSTINFO Newsletter

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JUSTINFO Newsletter


  • Call for presentations: Submit ideas by April 29 for NIJ research to be presented at the International Association of Crime Analysts 2019 Conference | NIJ
  • Comments sought on proposed new data collections and updates to others, including:

JUSTINFO Newsletter


  • Closing soon: Nominate law enforcement officers for the Congressional Badge of Bravery – find guidelines and resources to help in writing nominations | BJA
  • Public comments requested on the proposed reinstatement and update of BJS data collection:

Missing Children

Access federal and federally-sponsored information and resources on missing children, find help for families, and locate materials for law enforcement and other personnel and service providers.

Forensic Sciences

Access federal and federally-funded resources related to different aspects of forensic science.

Family Violence

The Family Violence Special Feature provides access to federal and federally-funded publications and online resources related to family violence and the prevention of such violence.

Child Abuse

Access federal and federally-funded publications and online resources related to the prevalence and prevention of child abuse, as well as justice system responses.