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Operation Lady Justice Summary Fact Sheet

Date Published
June 2020
Publication Type
Report (Technical Assistance), Program/Project Description, Legislation/Policy Description, Instructional Material (Programmed), Factsheet

Justice Reinvestment in Ohio: Overview

Date Published
November 2017
Publication Type
Report (Technical Assistance), Report (Grant Sponsored), Program/Project Description, Case Study

Sharing Crime-fighting Innovations in L.A.

Providing public safety services on a reservation of more than 12,000 acres across two states is a daunting but necessary task for the six full-time and two part- time law enforcement officers of the Iowa Tribe of Kansas and Nebraska.

State Administering Agencies

Many OJP formula grants are awarded directly to state governments, which then set priorities and allocate funds within that state. For more information on how a state intends to distribute formula grant funds, contact the administering state agency. For each state, a list of formula grant points of contact is available by clicking on that state in the map below, or choosing from the drop menu at the bottom of the page. If you are using grant monies for information technology, you can comply with the special condition by contacting the State and Territory Technology Points of Contact in your state

Body Armor Safety Initiative

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