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Grantee Update #3: Updated Guidance on Short Term Administrative Relief for Grantees Impacted by COVID-19

June 22, 2020

Dear OJP Award Recipients—

On June 18, 2020, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued OMB memorandum M-20-26, “Extension of Administrative Relief for Recipients and Applicants of Federal Financial Assistance Directly Impacted by the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) due to Loss of Operations,” extending certain flexibilities for administrative relief to funding recipients affected by the loss of operational capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strengthening Connections

Mentoring Youth During a Pandemic

Youth mentoring relies on the power of human connections.  Maintaining those connections in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic may be challenging, but it is an important and worthwhile effort.  As President Trump said, “Mentors serve not only as role models for young people but also as an inspiration to dream big and pursue any goal—re

Children’s Advocacy Centers

Teens face in shadow

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Child abuse takes place in every part of the population and takes many forms.  Children suffer from neglect, endure physical and sexual abuse, are exploited by pornographers and sex traffickers, and become collateral victims of drug abuse and other types of maltreatment every single day in America.  Fortunately, Children’s Advocacy Centers (CA

Marshaling Resources to Address Addiction in the Midst of a Pandemic

Covid-19 Virus

Our nation is facing a challenging time. The ways in which many of us live our lives have been disrupted by a global pandemic. As our President has said, “defeating this unseen enemy requires the help and commitment of every single American,” and “[we] continue to marshal every resource at America’s disposal in the fight…”