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Constitutional rights/civil liberties

Civil rights requirements associated with OJP awards

November 2020

This webpage is intended to give applicants for OJP awards a general overview of award requirements that relate to civil rights and nondiscrimination. These requirements will be addressed in several of the "General Conditions" for FY 2021 OJP awards. Certain OJP awards will include additional conditions related to civil rights and nondiscrimination.

"General Conditions" for OJP Awards in FY 2022

OJP expects that all (or virtually all) awards made in FY 2022 will include all of the award conditions set out below.

Individual awards typically also will include additional award conditions. Those additional conditions may relate to the particular statute, program, or solicitation under which the award is made; to the substance of the funded application; to the recipient's performance under other federal awards; to...