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Military personnel

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Protecting Against Stress and Trauma - NIJ Research for the Real World Seminar

July 2019

NIJ Research for the Real World Seminar  NIJ brought together law enforcement practitioners and leading researchers in the field of stress to discuss the current research evidence and practical benefits of targeted stress-management interventions and how they can promote officer mental wellness. Video run time: 43.26 min.

Researchers on the panel are pioneers in the field of the Evidence-Based Policing Movement. They are leading scholars and Law Enforcement Advancing Data and Science (LEADS) scholars.

I am a member of the military and have been a victim of crime. Where can I go for assistance?

Each military department has established an interdisciplinary Victim and Witness Assistance Council that provides assistance to victims of crimes on military installations. Contact information for each branch of the military is located on the Department of Defense (DoD) Victim and Witness Assistance Council website. 

Additionally, victims of sexual assault can confidentially contact the DoD Safe Helpline.