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Degraded DNA samples

Evaluation of Mitogenome Sequence Concordance, Heteroplasmy Detection, and Haplogrouping in a Worldwide Lineage Study Using the Precision ID mtDNA Whole Genome Panel

NCJ Number
Christina Strobl, Jennifer Churchill Cihlar, Robert Lagrace, Sharon Wootton, Chantal Roth, Nicole Huber, Lisa Schnaller, Bettina Zimmerman, Gabriela Huber, Seah Lay Hong, Rodrigo Moura-Neto, Rosane Silva, Farida Alshamali, luis Souto, Katja Anslinger, Balazs Egyed, Renata Jankova-Ajanovska, Andrea Casas-Vargas, Walther Parson
Forensic Science International-Genetics
Date Published
September 2019