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Tribal Financial Management Center

TFMC Staff Directory
Map depicting TFMC Staff Locations

The TFMC team is located across Alaska and the Lower 48 serving Tribal Nations with culturally humble training and technical assistance to support OVC grantees as they successfully manage the financial aspects of their victim service awards.

Francis Mendez
Acting Project Director
Email Francis

Jennifer Shewmake
Assistant Project Director
Email Jennifer

Adriene Active
Training and Technical Assistance Specialist
Email Adriene

April Bird
Financial Specialist
Email April

Karell Camara
Financial Specialist
Email Karell

Jenny Mills
Project TA Specialist
Email Jenny

Shaun Minick
Lead Financial Specialist
Email Shaun

Christine Myers
Financial Specialist
Email Christine

Jaclyn Smith
Evaluation Lead
Email Jaclyn

Andrea Velasquez
Learning and Development Lead
Email Andrea

Tara Ballesteros
Communications Lead
Email Tara

Kathleen Cairns
Instructional Designer
Email Kathleen

Lydia Goodner
Operations and Communications Specialist
Email Lydia

Rosabel Loya
Operations Specialist
Email Rosabel

Kristene Moore
Financial Specialist
Email Kristene

Alicia Nevaquaya
Financial Specialist
Email Alicia

Tasneem Tripathi
Evaluation Specialist
Email Tasneem

(Updated August 2021)

OVC TFMC Background Graphic


Contact the OVC TFMC Virtual Support Center

Ask questions and/or request individualized grant financial management training and technical assistance by contacting the OVC TFMC Virtual Support Center at 703-462-6900 or TFMC@OVCTFMC.org