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Tribal Financial Management Center

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Explore OVC TFMC’s short, interactive, skill-based learnings to enhance your grants financial management knowledge.

Procurement Microlearning

This OVC Tribal Financial Management Center resource is intended for professionals with intermediate experience in financial management processes. Some of the terminology in this resource reflects that level of expertise.

In this resource, you'll learn about various methods for procurement, including Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Personal Services, Personal Services Contract, and Suspension and Disbarment.

We recommend using Google Chrome for the best experience using this resource. (NOTE: OVC TFMC does not endorse any particular web browser.)

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Contact the OVC TFMC Virtual Support Center

Ask questions and/or request individualized grant financial management training and technical assistance by contacting the OVC TFMC Virtual Support Center at 703-462-6900 or [email protected]