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Office of Communications (OCOM)

The Office of Communications (OCOM) handles all Office of Justice Programs' (OJP's) congressional, legislative, and media-related activities to ensure effective communications with Congress, the news media, and the public.

About OCOM

OCOM works with members of Congress, congressional committees, and congressional staff on legislation, policies, and issues that affect OJP, its program offices, and the criminal justice community. This includes tracking legislation, responding to congressional requests, and providing guidance to the Department of Justice and OJP regarding pending legislation.

OCOM publishes news releases and other information and also works with the news media to keep them informed about OJP programs and activities. The staff also responds to media requests, arranges interviews with OJP officials, and news conferences to announce important programs or research findings.


OCOM Leadership

Phillip Merkle
Acting Director

OCOM Contacts

OCOM Email
Main Line/Media and Congressional Inquiries: 202-307-0703

Date Created: January 7, 2020