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Estimating the Financial Costs of Crime Victimization, Executive Summary

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Date Published
December 2018
21 pages
This is the executive summary of a three-volume report of an assessment of the field of research on the cost of crime victimization and a series of recommendations for future research that will advance reliable data on what crime is costing its victims.
Volume I of the report explains how data related to the cost of victimization were collected for this report. The primary data-collection methods were three focus groups of practitioners whose professional activities address the various needs crime creates for its victims. The project team also conducted a nationwide survey of victim service providers and a smaller survey of victimization survivors. In addition, Volume I contains the taxonomy of victimization costs pioneered and revised by Cohen over the years. Volume II of the report provides data and information from a literature review that has two major sections. The first section surveys the state of the literature on how costs of victimization are estimated, and the second section focuses on estimation methods and data sources on the amount of victimization, including the incidence, prevalence, and concentration of victimization. Volume III of the report contains a "menu" of recommendations for where and how research on the cost of crime victimization can be improved and expanded. 9 references

Date Published: December 1, 2018