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OVC National Directory of Victim Assistance Funding Opportunities 2001

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Date Published
September 2001
225 pages
Publication Series
This directory lists by State and Territory the contact names, mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses for the Federal grant programs that provide assistance to crime victims.
The directory also includes information on grant programs that assist State and local agencies to prepare for and respond to incidents of domestic terrorism and criminal mass casualty. The Federal grant programs listed are the Victims of Crime Act, the Violence Against Women Act, Edward Byrne Memorial State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance, Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant, Family Violence Prevention and Services Act, Children's Justice Act State and Tribal Grant Programs, Office for State and Local Domestic Preparedness Support, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and State Victim Service Grant Programs. In addition, many State governments allocate State funding to assist crime victims. If a State allocates such funding, and the administrator responds to the Office for Victims of Crime's survey by providing contact information, the directory will include the State agency and the contact person. This directory can be useful to State and local organizations that are interested in applying for State or Federal funding to support crime victim assistance programs.

Date Published: September 1, 2001