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Practical Homicide Investigation: Tactics, Procedures, and Forensic Techniques, Third Edition

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V J Geberth
Date Published
951 pages
This is a comprehensive and practical resource text to serve as an investigation guide for the homicide professional.
The chapters in this volume examine and explain: (1) The Homicide Crime Scene; (2) First Officer's General and Specific Duties; (3) Detectives' Preliminary Investigation at the Scene; (4) Specific Investigative Duties at the Scene; (5) Crime Scene Photographs; (6) Crime Scene Sketch; (7) Homicide Crime Scene Search; (8) Estimating Time of Death; (9) Identity of the Deceased; (10) Death Notifications: The Surviving Family as Secondary Victims; (11) Modes of Death; (12) Suicide Investigation; (13) Investigation of Sex-Related Homicides; (14) Homosexual Homicides; (15) Narcotic-Related Homicides; (16) Collection of Evidence; (17) The Autopsy; (18) The News Media in Homicide Investigations; (19) Identification of Suspects; (20) Investigative Assessment: Criminal Personality Profiling; and (21) Supervision and Management of the Homicide Investigation. References, bibliography, glossary, figures, tables, index