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Fraud Awareness

Access to federal and federally-funded resources on the prevention and investigation of fraud offenses and services for victims.

Identity Theft

This Special Feature captures topical information and resources produced or sponsored by federal agencies.

Elder Abuse

Learn about forms of elder abuse, what is being done to prevent and respond to cases, and discover help that is available to victims.

Identity Theft

Victims of identity theft are citizens who have had bank accounts wiped out, credit histories ruined, and jobs and valuable possessions taken away. In some cases, they have even been arrested for crimes they did not commit. The financial toll exacted by identity theft can be crippling, and the emotional trauma can be as devastating as many of the most violent offenses. Far from being a victimless crime, identity theft has profound and often tragic consequences for those affected by it.

Archived Solicitations

This is an archive of Office of Justice Programs closed solicitations and is provided for reference purposes only. It was current when produced, but is no longer maintained and some links may no longer function.