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Cross-Site Evaluation of the Bureau of Justice Assistance FY 2011 Second Chance Act Adult Offender Reentry Demonstration Projects: Final Report

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Date Published
June 2018
512 pages
This is the final report on the seven-site evaluation of the Adult Offender Reentry Demonstration Projects (AORDP), which describes the implementation and sustainability of each AORDP project through a process evaluation; determined the per capita program costs of each project; and determined the effectiveness of the program through an outcome study that assessed the extent to which recidivism reductions were achieved.
The process evaluation found that grantees matched interventions and services to the distinctive needs of the populations served. The cost study determined that the average cost per participant was $6,778. The prospective outcome study found that enrollment increased access to services, with the greatest impact found for prerelease services compared to post-release services; however, the treatment group apparently did not have better rearrest or other reentry outcomes compared to the control group; however, they had more positive outcomes for housing independence and employment. No clear pattern of consistent positive effects were found in any site, and no site had consistently negative effects. The findings suggest that program developers should pursue opportunities for providing long-term postrelease supports that are informed by reassessment results, since most grantees had relatively short post-release service periods. In addition, policymakers must promote realistic expectations for incremental improvements among individuals released from jail and prison. Further, researchers should examine multiple outcomes consistent with reentry success, in addition to recidivism. Services intensity should be measured in addition to its features. Extensive exhibits, references, and appended supplementary data and methodological materials

Date Published: June 1, 2018