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Ethnoracial Differences in Past Year Victimization Rates for a National Sample of Gender and Sexual Minority Adolescents

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Violence and Victims Volume: 38 Issue: 2 Dated: 2023 Pages: 234-249
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This paper reports on a study that examined the differences in past year rates across six victimization types for gender and sexual minority adolescents by ethnoracial identification, with implications for culturally responsive intervention methods.


Little research exists on victimization for gender and sexual minority adolescents (GSMA) of color. This study identifies differences in past year rates across six victimization types for GSMA by ethnoracial identification. Descriptive analyses were conducted on 1,177 GSMA (14–19 years old), with victimization types stratified by ethnoracial identification and multiple logit regression was used to identify differences. Compared to white (non-Hispanic) peers, black (non-Hispanic) GSMA reported lower victimization rates across multiple categories with two exceptions. Higher rates of racially biased physical assault were noted among black (non-Hispanic) and bi/multi-ethnoracial GSMA. Higher rates of witnessing community violence were reported by black (non-Hispanic), bi/multi-ethnoracial, and Latino GSMA. To address GSMA’s needs, it is important to understand the differential risk so that interventions are responsive to the diversity within the community. Publisher Abstract Provided

Date Published: January 1, 2023