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Gender Violence: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

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L L O'Toole, J R Schiffman
Date Published
540 pages
This book presents a variety of articles representing multiple disciplines and perspectives on gender-related manifestations of violence.
The book comprises three sections: one examines the roots of male violence and victimization of women, another explores forms of sexual coercion and violence, and a third offers a number of perspectives on promoting nonviolence in the context of gender relations. Thirty-five chapters consider a wide variety of topics, including: (1) the origin of the family, private property, and the state; (2) the sociocultural context of rape; (3) sexual coercion in American life; (4) sexual terrorism; (5) data from a Canadian national survey regarding obscene and threatening telephone calls to women; (6) life in the Naval Academy; (7) African-American women writers explicating rape; (8) a male rape survivor breaks his silence; (9) the global health burden of rape; (10) violence in lesbian and gay relationships; (11) violence, gender, and elder abuse; (12) child sexual abuse and the regulation of women; (13) pornography; (14) violence, gender, and social change; and (15) linguistic violence against women. Tables, notes, bibliography, index