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Prior to adding an event, search for it to see if it is already included in the Justice Events listing to avoid duplication. If you find that your event is not yet included in the list, use this form to submit information about your event. The information will be reviewed against the Acceptance Criteria and considered for inclusion in the Justice Events listing. All mandatory data (marked with an *) must be provided before an entry will be accepted.

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Acceptance Criteria

The Justice Events listing contains information about upcoming conferences, webinars, and other events. Events submitted for inclusion in the listing must focus on juvenile and criminal justice, victim assistance, and/or substance abuse in some way. We provide details for each event, including the event's date, location, sponsor, and website where further information about the event can be located.

Each event submitted is reviewed for suitability and the final determination for inclusion in the Justice Events listing is at the sole discretion of the government.