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Biannual Grantee Feedback Report, April-September 2015: Smart Policing Initiative (SPI)

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Date Published
July 2016
5 pages
Publication Type
Report (Technical Assistance), Program/Project Evaluation, Program/Project Description, Grants and Funding
This is a biannual report prepared by the U.S. Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA), which allows grantees under the Smart Policing Initiative (SPI) to compare their project's reported performance measurement data to the SPI program as a whole for the 6-month period of April-September 2015.
SPI awards grants to support law enforcement agencies in building evidence-based, data-driven law enforcement tactics, so as to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of police crime-reduction and response strategies. This report indicates that during the 6-month period, seven grantees closed out their awards, reducing the number of active grantees to 15. The average number of data types analyzed by grantees increased slightly, from 4.3 the previous 6 months to 4.7. Training shifted from a focus on officers (42 percent) to a focus on analysts/civilians (56 percent). Data analysis focused on similar data sources. The average number of training events attended per grantee declined from 4.8 the previous 6 months to 3.1 for the current 6 months. A table shows the number, amount, and total funds awarded for active SPI awards for each fiscal year (2009-2015). Other tables report an overview of key performance measures and the number of grantees conducting historical and impact analyses of project foci. 4 figures and 3 tables
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