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Business Alliance: Planning for Business and Community Partnerships

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79 pages
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This monograph presents steps for planning business and community partnerships developed under the Business Alliance pilot programs in Florida, which are designed to help disadvantaged communities improve economic self-sufficiency and stimulate entrepreneurship.
The Business Alliance program was started in late 1992; it is a voluntary organization of individuals and businesses that band together to promote the commercial, financial, economic, and civic interests of a community. Business Alliance pilot programs were developed as part of Operation Weed and Seed, which has offered a comprehensive approach to urban revitalization since late 1991. This monograph first addresses the desired qualities of prospective members and leaders of a Business Alliance, the characteristics of projects that can be undertaken successfully, and the identification of local power magnates as sources of support. It next outlines general practices as well as 12 steps that should help produce an accurate and useful assessment of a neighborhood's economic needs. One chapter focuses on using the results of the aforementioned assessment to reach Business Alliance goals. Another chapter discusses goals, objectives, and the importance of publicizing Business Alliance functions and achievements. Also included are six tactics that can be used to stimulate a neighborhood's economic revival. The final chapter details the strategies used in five Florida communities to begin the process of rescuing neighborhoods in decline. Appended list of relevant publications and organizations, a sample text for a Business Alliance bylaws document, and material on the Winter Park and Cocoa Beach Area Business Alliances

Date Published: January 1, 1994