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FY 2002 Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program (LLEBG)

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May 2002
4 pages
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This overview of the Federal Local Law Enforcement Block Grants (LLEBG) Program for fiscal year 2002 provides information on program eligibility and distribution of funds, program purpose areas, program requirements, prohibition on use of funds, the resolution of funding disparities, and the application process.
For fiscal year 2002, $340 million has been made available for the formula portion of the LLEBG Program, to be administered by the Bureau of Justice Assistance of the Justice Department. The purpose of the LLEBG Program is to provide funds to units of local government to underwrite projects to reduce crime and improve public safety. To be considered eligible for the LLEBG Program, a jurisdiction must be a general purpose unit of local government. The unit of local government must report, through its law enforcement agencies, to the Uniform Crime Reports Program of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. LLEBG Program funds must be spent in accordance with one or more of the following purpose areas: supporting law enforcement, enhancing security measures in and around schools and other facilities or locations considered by the grantee to be special risks for crime, establishing or supporting drug courts, enhancing the adjudication of cases that involve violent offenders, establishing a multijurisdictional task force, establishing crime prevention programs that involve police-citizen cooperation, and defraying the cost of indemnification insurance for law enforcement officers. Prior to the issuing of grant funds, requirements must be met regarding the creation of an advisory board, a public hearing pertinent to the proposed use of funds, the availability of matching funds, the creation of a trust fund, the expenditure period, and compliance with the Public Safety Officers' Health Benefits Provision. This report also specifies ways that grant funds should not be used, explains how a disparity in funding eligibility of a county and adjacent municipalities is to be resolved, and outlines the steps in the application process for fiscal year 2002.
Date Created: July 22, 2002