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Problem-Oriented Drug Enforcement: A Community-Based Approach for Effective Policing

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October 1993
83 pages
Publication Series
A demonstration project funded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance starting in 1987 to apply problem-oriented policing strategies to drug law enforcement and drug-related crime was analyzed with respect to its implementation and effectiveness.
The demonstration project took place in five cities: San Diego, Calif.; Tampa, Fla.; Atlanta; Tulsa, Okla.; and Philadelphia. Police managers in each city targeted a portion of their cities for the elimination of drug-related problems. With 3 years, the effort produced broad success and helped practitioners refine the concept of problem- oriented policing. Findings indicated that the agencies in which change came most easily had some person or persons who became strong symbols of commitment to the methods and who promoted problem-oriented solutions by widely sharing examples of successes with other police officers and managers. In these agencies the lead staff were persuaders rather than dictators. Findings also suggested the need for flexibility, careful consideration of organizational structure and police discretion, and a realistic timeline. Descriptions of each city's programs, forms, list of sources of further information, glossary, and 38 references

Date Published: October 1, 1993