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Why Ask About Family?: By Looking Beyond the Individual to Families and Social Supports, Corrections Officers Can Help Improve Public Safety and Other Outcomes

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This guide presents a strength-based, family-focused approach for use in corrections practices, policy, and reentry planning.
This guide from the Vera Institute was developed for use by corrections personnel, case managers, reentry and discharge planners, parole officers, and others working at jails, prisons, and other correctional institutions. The guide is intended to provide these professionals with a strength-based, family-focused approach for working with incarcerated and recently released individuals. The guide contains six primary sections: 1) a discussion of a strength-based, family-focused approach to corrections that focuses on individuals' social networks to aid in the reentry process; 2) key questions to ask when assessing an individual's situation; 3) simple tools for determining how incarcerated individuals and their families work beyond the context of jail or prison; 4) how to tap into the social networks of incarcerated individuals; 5) frequently asked questions about implementing this approach; and 6) looking at the use of a strength-based, family focused approach from intake through to release. 14 endnotes
Date Created: March 9, 2012