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Kinsey, Sex and Fraud: The Indoctrination of a People

NCJ Number
J A Reisman; E W Eichel
J G Muir, J H Court
Date Published
255 pages
The authors criticize the inherent bias and methods used by Kinsey and his researchers in examining human sexuality.
Kinsey reached three general conclusions about human sexuality: (1) the normal expression of human sexuality is bisexuality; (2) sexual contact would be a normal part of growing up for children in a less inhibited society; and (3) promiscuity and diversity of sexual expression correlate with sexual health. The authors produce evidence to demonstrate that much of Kinsey's research is unscientific and deliberately deceitful. They believe many of Kinsey's conclusions are false, even though his research has become the basis for many school sex education programs. The authors raise questions about the accuracy and reliability of Kinsey's data. For example, they believe one of the most seriously distorted aspects of Kinsey's sex research was that he sought out a population that would provide the data to support his preset agenda. The authors examine the nature of sexuality, the relation between heterosexuality and homosexuality, and the sexual development of children. They feel Kinsey is responsible for making the risks of promiscuity and sex seem less in an era when sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS are significant problems. Appendixes provide additional information on the analysis of Kinsey's findings. References and tables


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