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Missouri Hate Crime Report 2011

NCJ Number
Kyle W. Comer, J.D.; Ronald G. Beck
Date Published
37 pages
This report from the Missouri State Highway Patrol provides information on hate crimes in the State during 2011.
Major findings from this report on hate crimes in Missouri during 2011 include the following: a total of 122 hate crime incidents were reported in the State in 2011, a decrease of 4.7 percent from 2010; 33 Missouri law enforcement agencies, located across 23 counties, reported at least 1 hate crime incident; hate crimes were committed against 157 victims by 138 known offenders, with the most frequently committed offense being against individuals (95.1 percent). The most frequently reported offenses were simple assault (30.3 percent), property damage/vandalism (23.8 percent), and aggravated assault (18.9 percent). Hate crimes offenses were most frequently committed at a residence (31.1 percent), on a highway/road/alley/street (28.7 percent), or at a school/college (10.7 percent); and the most frequently reported bias motivations were race (63.1 percent) and sexual orientation (25.4 percent), with anti-Black bias motivation reported in 76.6 percent of all anti-racial hate crimes and anti-homosexuality bias reported in 51.6 percent of all anti-sexual orientation hate crimes. Data for this report were obtained from the Missouri Uniform Crime Reporting Program on hate crime incidents reported to State, county, and local law enforcement agencies in 2011. This report contains detailed information on criminal offenses, victims, offenders, locations, and the bias motivations associated with hate crimes. Figures and tables