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Questions for General Questions

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The manufacturer submitting an armor model for testing must first negotiate a testing contract with an NIJ-approved testing laboratory. Neither NIJ nor NLECTC accepts any payment for testing services. The manufacturer then submits samples to NLECTC, where they are examined for workmanship and labeling requirements, which are defined in the NIJ Standards. If the samples successfully complete this examination, they are sent to the approved laboratory that the manufacturer has negotiated the testing contract with. The laboratory performs the test in accordance with the standard, and prepares a report of the test results. The samples and the report are returned to NLECTC, where they are again examined and compared to the laboratory report. If the armor complies with the standard, a letter is issued to the manufacturer for that model and the model is listed on the Personal Body Armor Consumer Product List (CPL), which can be accessed at ^http://www.nlectc.org .

The Vest program has a CFDA number of 16-607. (View the entire CFDA document here.)

Simple Answer:
Yes, see answer below.

More Detailed Answer:
The Interim Final Rule was published in the Federal Register. You can link to a copy through the current web site. The Final Rule will be available for online review once issued.

Simple Answer:
The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center-National (NLECTC-National), located in Rockville, Maryland.

More Detailed Answer:
The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center-National (NLECTC-National), located in Rockville, Maryland, administers the National Institute of Justice's (NIJ's) voluntary compliance testing programs for personal body armor. In addition to processing samples received for testing, NLECTC-National staff routinely responds to inquiries received from law enforcement, corrections, other criminal justice agencies, and product manufacturers about the testing program.

The NIJ Standards for Personal Body Armor (Ballistic and Stab/Puncture Resistant) and the voluntary compliance testing programs operated by NLECTC exist to ensure that models of armor offered for sale to law enforcement and corrections personnel are safe, reliable, and meet minimum performance requirements. Neither NIJ nor NLECTC 'endorse' any particular manufacturer or model of armor, but provide a complete listing of all models that have been tested and found to comply with the NIJ Standard. You can access this list, which is updated continuously, through our Internet site at http://www.nlectc.org . If you do not have access to the Internet, you can also call NLECTC at 800-248-2742 or 301-519-5060 to get the most current information on models that comply with the standard.

Only NIJ-approved independent testing laboratories are recognized as official testing facilities for compliance testing to NIJ Standards. A complete list of NIJ approved laboratories can be found on JUSTNET at http://www.nlectc.org , or call NLECTC at 800-248-2742 or 301-519-5060.

BJA has no intention of interfering with, and will not interfere with legitimate, free market practices and processes which occur between vest vendors and law enforcement consumers. BJA does not anticipate any oversight, review, or approval of discounts or incentives resulting from negotiations for vest purchases. However, the terms and conditions of the procurement must comply with the jurisdiction's procurement laws and regulations. Further, BJA will not endorse any manufacturer over another nor will it provide information about a jurisdiction's financial transactions, purchasing terms and conditions, or vendor incentives and promotions

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More Detailed Answer:
BJA does not intend to make the program's database accessible for general searches and inquiries. There are a number of readily available alternative sources for basic information about jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies in the United States.