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Violent Crime Reduction Roadmap

Working Together to Build Safer Communities

Action 9. Set aside funding for new stakeholders and strategies.

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Much is known about how to effectively reduce violent crime, but that knowledge remains incomplete. To complement investments in established, evidence-based strategies, leaders should experiment with and evaluate innovative strategies to reduce violence in their jurisdictions.

DOJ resources can support the development and evaluation of new approaches to violence reduction. Key resources are identified below, followed by links to additional resources.

Key Resources

Field Initiated: Encouraging Innovation
This funding opportunity supports new and innovative strategies for preventing and reducing crime, improving community safety, and strengthening criminal justice system outcomes. This funding seeks to accomplish this by promoting collaborations with the field to identify, define and respond to emerging or chronic crime problems or justice system challenges. In particular, this funding can support work that builds trust, responds to precipitous increases in crime, and tracks and responds to violent crime.

Additional Resources

Grant Funding

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program

The Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program Program is a formula award administered to each state and territory, based on their population and violent crime. The award is divided between state (60%) and direct to local (40%) units of government. JAG funding is administered by a state agency. JAG funds are extremely flexible in ways they can support violent crime reduction. Localities should contact their State Administering Agency or the National Criminal Justice Association.

Community Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative
The Community Based Violence Intervention and Prevention Initiative provides funding to support evidence-based violence intervention and prevention programs. CVIPI may also support innovative approaches that are novel in components or configuration, but still draw on sources of evidence to inform the design of the intervention in a way that is tailored to needs and resources of the local community.

Training & Technical Assistance

Bureau of Justice Assistance National Training and Technical Assistance Center

The BJA National Training and Technical Assistance Center connects justice agencies with national experts to help reduce violent and drug-related crime. A specific Violence Reduction Response Center connects localities with resources to help identify appropriate goals. Jurisdictions interested in implementing strategies outlined in the Roadmap may also contact NTTAC to request TTA from the Police Executive Research Forum. In collaboration with BJA and a cadre of subject matter experts, PERF will coordinate no-cost TTA services designed to enhance jurisdictions’ capacity to reduce community gun violence and promote community trust.

National Public Safety Partnership

The National Public Safety Partnership is a network of communities who have committed to implementing evidence-informed approaches to reducing violence and enhancing public safety. It is a DOJ-wide program that connects communities with peers and experts to receive coordinated training and technical assistance. Many of these resources are for grantees, but there are many more resources, through the National Public Safety Partnership Clearinghouse, available to all. These resources include guides and toolkits on innovative responses to preventing and intervening in violence.

Guides, Reports and Webinars

Aside from the published resources organized under the identified training and technical assistance programs, OJP currently does not have other publications to support this work. OJP continues work with the field to develop and identify resources across the entire Roadmap.