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Weekly Accessions List

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The Weekly Accessions List (WAL) is a listing of documents added to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Virtual Library Abstracts Database collection during the previous week. The NCJRS Abstracts Database provides an electronic listing of and access to the more than 230,000 justice publications housed in the NCJRS Virtual Library, including: federal, state, and local government reports; books; research reports; journal articles; grant documents; and unpublished research on a wide range of criminal and juvenile justice topics.

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Weekly Accessions List

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Start Date: 01/09/2022 End Date: 01/15/2022

Your search found 28 records.

Corrections (COR) ( 4 )
Courts (CTS) ( 4 )
Crime & Crime Prevention (CCP) ( 1 )
Forensic Science (FSC) ( 12 )
Gangs (GNG) ( 1 )
Grants & Funding (FND) ( 4 )
Technology (TEC) ( 1 )
Victims (VRC) ( 1 )

Corrections (COR)

Courts (CTS)

Crime & Crime Prevention (CCP)

Forensic Science (FSC)

Gangs (GNG)

Grants & Funding (FND)

Technology (TEC)

Victims (VRC)

Date Created: January 24, 2021